About FP

I started this company over ten years ago with one hope in mind, to help couples take the stress out of weddings. I had done a few weddings up to that point and each time it seemed that people were so overly stressed out that they were in no way having fun. 


I decided I did not want to add to that stress. Even more, I thought I could help make things simpler for everyone involved.


By paying attention to all the details BEFORE the wedding day. Sitting down with couples to go over everything that's going to happen, formulating a timeline and reviewing it with everyone involved before the big day. That makes us a sort of wedding planner for you and that’s okay with us. (We are in no way as good as real wedding planners, they rock!) On your wedding day, we always provide at least two experienced individuals, both trained photographers, to make sure your needs are met. This helps cut down on how many family members and friends you need to ask to do stuff. We can handle A LOT of that for you.

From our first meeting to the final wedding album, we collaborate with you to make sure we are working together to provide you with the best possible photographs to celebrate your day.

We also aim to create the photographs that reflect your style and personality. To do that, we limit the number of events we cover each year so we can focus. We also work closely with you before, during and after the event so that we can get to know you better and give you time to get comfortable with us. 

Let Fairmount Photography tell your unique story with our professional pictures.