Beth & Patrick — Originally posted September 7, 2009

Beth & Patrick tied the knot last Saturday at the Japanese Tea House in Fairmount Park. Their whole day was simple and elegant, and it fit them perfectly. With just 10 wedding guests and a Quaker ceremony, it was definitely our most unique wedding of the year. Matt and I really enjoyed this opportunity.

One of our favorite things about Beth and Patrick is that they are our first Fairmount couple, so not only were we actually able to walk to this wedding, but they also share our love for this neighborhood with it's neat rowhomes, treelined streets and friendly atmosphere. Matt snagged this shot outside their house.

Matt had to scramble around the perimeter of the garden and through some trees for the next two shots, but I think it was totally worth it.

The grounds were so beautiful and we could not have asked for better weather. I'm pretty sure we could have spent the whole day taking photos.

Here's another shot by Matt. The Koi Pond is one of their favorite parts of the Tea House.

All 10 of their guests were transported to and from the wedding in a trolley. After the wedding, Beth and Patrick took their family on a quick tour of some of their favorite places in the city.