Fairmount Park Engagement Portraits | Colette & Eric's Evansburg Park Portraits

*Posted by Matt*

Colette and Eric got married last year at one of my favorite venues, the Old Mill. We never showcased their wedding photos at the Old Mill, though, or even their engagement portraits. Well, we are going to rectify that right here, right now!

These two are truly a unique pairing. Their sense of humor along was enough to make them stand out. I honestly have never laughed as hard during a wedding as I did on their wedding day.

They also complement each other in their shared love of the outdoors and, specifically, camping. So they asked if they could do their engagement portraits while camping. We, of course, said yes!

I met up with them at Evansburg State Park for portraits and it was one of the easiest engagement sessions I ever did. They were so comfortable with each other and so natural. I barely had to direct them at all.