Big news and Thank you from Fairmount Photo

• Posted by Natalie •

We've had quite a year at Fairmount Photography, and as we gear up for our busiest October ever, I wanted to take a couple minutes to fill everyone in on what's been happening.

First up: We owe all of our clients and fans a huge "Thank You. " All your votes helped us secure the #5 spot on the PHL Philly Hot List out of over 250 Philadelphia Wedding photographers!  You all are the best! Matt and I love what we do, and we're so thankful to have met so many wonderful people since we joined forces to create Fairmount Photography five years ago.  I could go on and on, but there's so much more to say!

Since 2012 has been such a busy year, we've added a couple of interns to our team.  Fran and Luis both hail from our alma mater Temple University, and you'll see some of their handiwork popping up on the blog and around our site over the next couple months. They are helping us with some exciting projects that have been on our to-do list for way too long, so hopefully we'll have a few more announcements coming soon!

As many of you already know, I've had my share of personal changes in the past year too. In January, my husband Ben and I welcomed our daughter Kaya into the world. We think she's pretty cute, and she's turned me into a total sap. My camera is getting plenty of extra use documenting every adorable thing she does. Someday when she is planning her own wedding, she'll probably have to take out a restraining order on me.

Last winter my husband landed his dream job, which, unfortunately for me, is located in Boston, MA.  While I am a officially a Massachusetts resident, I'm still spending plenty of time in PA, and covering as many Philly weddings as possible. Matt and I are 100% committed to making sure that every one of you still gets the same level of quality and attention to detail that you'd be getting if I was still in PA.  And that has made us better managers and so much more organized.

Which means we're ready to take on another new challenge: We are now booking weddings in Boston and the New England area in 2013!  Someday, when I have some free time, we'll build a separate website for all our Boston brides, but for now, we'll keep everything right here and be one big, happy Northeast Corridor family. So if you know anyone from New Hampshire through Delaware planning a wedding, send them our way!  The majority of our work will still be Philly-based, but we're excited to be able to book a limited amount of weddings in this new territory.

I think that's plenty of news for one day, so thank you again to everyone who has supported us and helped Fairmount Photography double, and then triple, in productivity in the past couple years. As I mentioned before, you are the best!

Since I hate to make a post without a photo, here's a couple shots from our last trip to PA.

This is the reason my to-do list is taking a bit longer to get through these days...