Married: Yelena & Mark

We're back!  Thanks to everyone who has been so patient with us while I got married/went on a honeymoon/relocated to Bethlehem and Matt was overloaded with everything while I was gone.  We've spent the last week catching up, and now we are back up to full speed.  I jumped right back into the saddle, driving up to CT the day after we got back from our honeymoon to help my friend Sarah photograph Yelena & Mark's wedding.  It was well worth combatting jet lag because Yelena and Mark are not just a gorgeous couple who got married at the beautiful Jonathan Edwards Winery, they are also incredibly sweet and kind people.  They wrote some of the most eloquent vows I've ever heard, and it was truly a joy to get to know them.

Yelena & Mark decided to do portraits before their ceremony, so here is their first look. I love the expression on her face.

Sarah and I had a major crush on this white wall...

Did I mention they also had perfect weather?

Visit Sarah's blog at to see more photos, including some from the reception.  (I haven't actually seen my reception images yet, since Sarah still has my memory card with those photos—I just couldn't wait to post!)

~ Natalie