Destination Wedding Photographer | Sallyann & Ronve's Florida Wedding

Bride and Groom dancing on beach

*Posted by Matt*

The ability to do this job anywhere is really rad to me! It's honestly one of the main things that attracts me to this line of work. So when Sallyann and Ronve asked if I was willing to make the beaches of Florida my "office" for their wedding at the Grand in St. Pete Beach I jumped at the opportunity!

We've been blessed with the opportunity to travel to Florida for weddings before and also to California for a wedding over the last few years and each time has been a blast. Weddings are such beautiful events as is but add in having all of your closest family and friends on a vacation of sorts and the revelry is heightened.

These two, and their entourage, definitely did NOT disappoint.

I should start out by explaining that both Ronve and Sallyann are artsy by trade. Ronve is a musician and performer with a musical theater background while Sallyann studied theater design in college and currently works for Juilliard. Their friends? Hella talented.

They had multiple Broadway performers at the wedding (either in attendance or in the bridal party) and some or all of whom were putting on a show in their own right. Ronve's old rap group also performed during the reception and so did Sallyann's dad's bluegrass band, the latter of which the whole reception learned how to line dance. Talk about a diverse mix of happenings at a wedding reception!

They also were incredibly thoughtful about the lengths people traveled and invited everyone to a rehearsal dinner the night before and also threw together a BBQ-style picnic the day after the wedding!

Truly a super-fun way to spend a few days at a wedding in Florida!

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