Lehigh Valley Wedding | Liz and Gavin's Allentown Wedding

*Posted by Matt*

Liz and Gavin took us back to our "home away from home" when we went back to Allentown in June for their wedding at the Renaissance Hotel!

To kick it all off, they had their ceremony at St. Joseph The Worker Church in Orefield before heading out for the celebration. On top of getting to revisit one of our locations for bridal party portraits at the Rose Gardens, we also had surprise visits by Taylor Swift, JFK, the Blues Brothers AND the Mummers. It was a pretty packed evening.

Check out the pictures to prove it but I promise Taylor Swift and JFK absolutely showed up. I swear.

Gavin's family has a tradition to dress up and dance as The Blues Brothers at weddings and family gatherings, so imagine 40-50 guys with top hats and sunglasses dancing around. Meanwhile, Liz's family has connections to the Mummers so they came out in full force as well!

And then, as if that wasn't enough, Gavin's dad and his band took the stage for a few songs to really pump up the crowd.

These two definitely put their own twist on how to celebrate a wedding. Congrats guys!