Look —it's a bride!

We have been so lucky to have three weeks in a row of awesome weddings, which we will be posting as soon as we can catch our breath from this whirlwind month. (There have been plenty of things going on during the weekdays too—not that we are complaining!) Yesterday's wedding was full of so many amazing moments —but there was one photo I couldn't wait to share.  Just after the wedding, the bridal party went to a downstairs room in the church to sit for a moment while their guests were catching shuttles to the reception. While the bride was changing into more comfortable shoes a group of little girls who had arrived at church for choir practice passed by and stopped short when they spotted her.  "Look! It's a bride!" "She's so pretty!" "She looks like a princess!" They stood at the door captivated.  I just love the expressions on their faces—such a fun moment.